• Sebastian Breidecker

20 Years Wu-Te Academy Germany

After about 15 years of Martial Sports (MMA/Ju-Jutsu/Kickboxing/Taekwon-Do) I started here in 2006 with Sifu Mukatder Gül learning the very basics of Filipino and Chinese Martial Arts like simply standing. I was able to do high kicks, jumping kicks, spinning kicks, rolling all over the place and all the very acrobatic stuff but I did not have a good stance and structure. I do not know how many hours I spent in thees holy halls of the Wu-Te Academy in front of the mirror, sweaty, desperate, laughing, beating, beaten, learning, teaching, discussing and even bleeding and nearly crying haha.

I got to meet some of the very big dogs like Ron Heimberger, Jc Cabiero and Ip Ching (the son of Ip Man) on one of the incredible trips to Hong Kong. We also had intense (!) training camps with up to 10 hours of tranig per day in the blazing sun of Turkey, Italy, and Germany (without a phone and constantly taking pictures and filming haha). I've made incredible and good friends who – between all the martial arts Facebook Stars – grew into into fabulous martial artists without much posing and posting. So far away from home I miss you like crazy and I am privileged that I had the opportunity to train with you during all these years. Nico Kubicek, Marc Hartmann, Tanja Su, Matthias Schild, Yunus Gül, Pero Kovacev, just to name a few. Have a very nice anniversary and give a big fat THANK YOU to our unbelievable patient, capable and wise teacher Sifu Mukatder Gül. Without his teachings I would be selling Lollipops in Colombia right now haha. THANK YOU! #wute #wuteakademie #wiesbaden #germany #wingchun #serradaescrima #jeetkunedo #kickboxing #martialarts

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