• Sebastian Breidecker


After my two months trip through Mexico and spectacular Serrada training with Garry Bowlds I found my self pretty broke in San Christobal, Mexico. Yet this place is super nice and very cheap I barely had some more money to pay for a room or hostal. I even started skipping one meal per day. So usually when I get to that point I would start to look for some kind of job or volunteering where they would offer me a free place and food for some hours of work per day. But somehow (except once) money always came from somewhere before my bank account went to 0.

This time I was lucky that my most dedicated student offered me to come back to Granada so he could have private lessons every day. He and his business partners and friends took over the Hostel OASIS in Granada and he wanted me to do the new website and offered me a free place to stay there. So I decided to take the offer and took the bus all the way to Antigua, Guatemala (13h) and from there to Granada (18h!).

And so suddenly I was back in Granada feeling quite happy about it, exciting to teach at PURE and to work in the Webdesign for OASIS Hostel. I taught Didier almost every day – at Pure, at the Laguna or other nice Outdoor places. If you look up my Instagram – he’s the guy I make the coolest videos with. I also started teaching Kids Classes again and worked in many in other Design projects for businesses in this lovely colonial town. My most successful time in Granada started right here. Who would have thought that Nicaragua was about to go to the shit, big time.

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