• Sebastian Breidecker

Kali Silat Evolution Niedernhausen, Germany.

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Training with Coach Timo Krumme in KSE by the one and only Jeff Espinous.

I met Jeff Espinous in 1998 as he was teaching my Ju-Jutsu teachers Bernd Thomsen and Oliver Wittman back in the days. Then it got silent about Kali Sikaran around the millennium and I focused on Ju-Jutsu competition and Escrima. I went to a Kali seminar in Cologne with Julia Pattis in 2011 when I discovered Jeff Espinous and his best students on the internet and social media after so many years. She was teaching this incredible Southeast Asian Art – Kali, Muay Boran, Silat, Eskrima – to Timo Krumme, who formed a training group in Niedernhausen where I attended for 3 years after I came back from my travels in Asia, where I got deeper into Kali again with Fred Evrard , who was also a student of Jeff Espinous.

Timo is a Kali scientist, if you ask me. He has an incredible understanding of KSE, it's curriculum and drills and he is by the way a super cool guy. I was so looking forward to have another session with him and his students in NIedernhausen. Danke Timo!

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