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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Athlet, Martial Artist, Champion, Coach, Teacher, Policeman, Drill-Instructor … what else?

Frank Witte is an exception talent in almost all the areas of martial arts and martial sports and basically all the disciplines you could ever imagine. He is like the German Bruce Lee without Wing Chun and books hahah.

The few times we were sparring he got me terrified! (Actually in regular training as well). He will be in an intimidating guard and attitude in front of you, setting you up with fiercing low kicks, a painful punch combination to head and body, and he will take you down fucking Judo style, and (could) break your arms and legs on the ground while he is choking you to death and a bit longer hahaha. Seriously I have never felt more powerless in life. That feeling of „your life belongs to him and it is pure mercy that you are allowed to breath in his presence“ hahah.

I would claim that apart from that he I is actually a nice guy, but he is not hahaha. Ok, no joke, this man is pure combat in flesh and bones (I guess). They say there is no perfection but he is pretty damn close, I tell you that. To watch him strike and kick and see what he is able to do in Grappling, Judo, Muay Thai, MMA, KARATE, Ground Fighting etc. is absolutely fascinating and frustrating at the same time. I swear in his training I was many times close to throw the fucking towell for then and forever. Also I can’t remember that he has ever told me that I have done something well haha. I mean, I am pretty sure that it’s a method but c’mon Frank, just one fucking time I would have loved to hear those words „well done“. Nope. Never. Not in 12 years.

You might categorize him as a competitor and a sportsman – a multiple world champion by the way and 5th Dan (or even 6th?) – but his knowledge and talent goes far beyond. No matter if he has a stick in his hand or a knife or a gun or nothing or whatever situation might accure in combat, he mastered them all. I actually don’t even know about his teachers but it wouldn’t surprise me if he just learned it all by his own haha. Ok to be fair, he has no clue about Wing Chun, Chi Sao, from training and these things but you now what? He doesn’t need it.

I asked him once, „so in a fight, are you actually the contrary of your opponant – so he decides what’s gonna happen and you simply react – or do you have a plan?“ His answer: „I have a fucking plan and there is nothing and no one that will stop me from making it happen.“ You get the attitude? „I set it up in my head, visualize it and then I will make it real.“

His training is absolutely hardcore. If you wanna spend 90min in pain, sweat and blood, ask for Frank Wittes’ Allkampf training. He will scream at you and he will not tolerate you not giving a 110 percent. The only thing I didn’t like about his training was that after the warm up I was already so wasted that I couldn’t perform anymore in the fighting part. I spent most of the time trying not to die on the ground fighting those crazy Kamp Ju-Jutsu Allkampf guys (that were usually 10-50kg heavier than me). I had troubles walking back to my place up the stairs after training or going to work the next morning. Seriously, at my university you weren’t able to meet me not having at least one black eye. When I turned 32 or something I was like „ok guys, I am good for now with having purpled eye rings and broken bones all the damn time. You enjoy!“

In one of those Allkampf tournaments (similar to MMA thou) I fought the last round with a broken toe (which is the worst!) and a broken ankle. I won a nice medal but also another fucking plaster for 6 weeks haha. I felt like, if I wanna do martial arts for the rest of my life I have to look for another style. That’s actually one of the reasons how I got to FMA and Wing Chun but that’s another story.

Only thing I didn’t like about Franks' teaching was that he really never ever listened to me. But I don’t think that he is listening to anyone hahaha. He is one of those men that burn while doing their crazy awesome thing and then they die. And everyone else stands aside with the mouth open and the eyebrows up. Someone has something to say? I don’t think so. To me in the Germany Ju-Jutsu World beside a handful of excellent martial artists and competitors he is simply the man! He is so advanced that he even created his own system because I guess he thinks that the regular Ju-Jutsu training I too pussy hahaha.

Do I sound too harsh, well maybe that’s why deep inside I hate him because he is 2 galaxies further away from what I will ever be able to do. It’s like in „Good Will Hunting“ but the other way around if you now what I mean haha. This tiny FB post is my little revenge Frank for more than 10 years of torture! Jokes aside, Frank is simply awesome and he is still a good friend, curious about my travels and my teachings. Anytime I visit home I make sure I go to his class trying not to get hurt and he introduces me as the FISTS & BLADES guy with the cool videos under palm trees haha.

I am fortunate that I lived close to the police academy where I got my ego and my bones broken regularly. A lot of what I am able to do these days go back to the basics and the combat and the confrontation and the training and the attitude he gave me. God, I was blessed with good teachers, hard to believe that we have such world class men in our tiny little German City Wiesbaden. Thank you so much for everything and for what you do for me and the Martial Arts world and Ju-Jutsu world and the competitors and the community and trainers you have created and for simply being SUCH AN IDOL!! Still, I hate you a bit thou hahaha but only dare to write that because I know that you won’t read this because you are too busy with training hahaha.

Google KAMP JU-JUTSU & ALLKAMPF! He (of course) still teaches at the Police Academy in Wiesbaden Germany.

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