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Escrima Training in San Christobal!

Who would have EVER thought I would meet a student of Mike Inay and Angel Cabales (!) in this part of the earth?!

San Cristobal is a super beautiful colonial town in the greenest parts of all Mexico: Chiapas! The bus ride from Tuxtla, Gutiérrez was spectacular and I arrive with all my things and a big smile on my face, walking through these colonial streets with tasty street food, and fancy Cafés and Shops. My favorite: Todo vagano! All vegan and ... delicious! I will come here every day for spring rolls and vegan Lasagne!

It's a bit too cold and rainy for my taste but beside that, this place is perfect! I could stay here for the rest of my life. I love the mountains and the hills with it's little churches and the strawberries from the market are even better than in Germany. It's easy to find a cool Hostel and to connect with young people from all over the place. The locals are super friendly and I love to see some of them at the market wearing their old indigenous cloths, preparing coffee and fruits in the early morning. I have my sticks and knifes with me because I am going to see one of the very very few people on the planet that can relay on the father of Escrima: Angel Cabales. I postet in the Expats group of San Cristobal that I am teaching Filipino Martial Arts, Wing Chun and Kickboxing. A guy Named Garry Bowlds comments my post with: "Hey, nice to meet you. I have been training in Escrima in the 70's with Angel. Wanna meet?" Or something like that. ... In the 70's? Are you kidding me? I wasn't even born when this guy got his hardcore training in Filipino Stickfightng.

To be continued ...

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